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200 USED MONITORS for Sale!

For Sale: Over 200 used arcade monitors

As you may know, new 19" arcade monitors have been extinct for quite a while now.   I have a collection of about 200 used monitors for sale.  All monitors are available for inspection and operation.  For the picture tube only models, I will hook up a generic chassis for show the picture quality as shown below.  All of the units offered have good picture tubes, though there are a variety of screen burn levels available.

Please come browse and choose your monitors.  I offer bulk deals and can repair any monitor that is not currently working. 

The following types are available:

GO7, fully working  $100 up  (add $50 for a cap kit installed) (add $30 for new flyback installed)

WG 4900, fully working  $100 up  (add $50 for a cap kit installed)

WG 4600, fully working  $100 up  (add $50 for a cap kit installed)

Sharp Image, fully working  $150 (partial cap kit already installed)

EZ-20, tube only, awesome picture  $80

EZ-20, fully working  $160, non-working  $100

Bestech, Like new  $300

Wells Gardner 1995 CGA/VGA, Like new  $300

Various VGA Monitors,  need repair,  $200 up